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Digital Marketing Growth in Small Town with Stats & Facts

Digital Marketing industry is growing with a quick pace in all over India. Since the launch of JIO, the number of internet users has rapidly grown in small towns and villages. This Internet revolution has opened the opportunity for many large- or small-scale businesses to reach out to more customers in small towns/rural areas with the help of Internet marketing.

Many big companies and international brands are now aggressively focusing on small towns as they find more opportunities to gain market share. Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities are showing excellent growth rate in regular internet consumers and also a grown demand in online shopping, social media marketing etc. due to an increased in the number of smartphone and internet users.

Let’s take a look at stats and facts of Digital Marketing Growth in Small Cities

Against popular values, the internet has made reaching the rural general public through digital ways less complicated, much more comfortable than the old traditional marketing ways such as pamphlets distribution and holding ads concerning the region. The old marketing methods used to lure customers in small towns was very much limited, but with Digital marketing, brands could easily target audiences according to their age, demographic, and likes. Some of the interesting facts and stats to look for on the growing need for Digital marketing in small cities.

  1. According to a survey the number of internet users in India is expected to reach 600 million in 2019 with over 25% of them from small towns and rural areas. This will indirectly benefit the internet marketing industry.
  2. The cost of digital marketing and advertising are low in comparison to traditional marketing strategies. The most crucial factor for the immense growth of Digital Marketing in a small town is that it is scalable and measurable. You can get real-time results, long time exposure, and complete branding.
  3. The marketing costs of companies on digital platforms have moved up marginally from 0.0005% to 3% over the last ten years within India alone.
  4. Companies like Patanjali, Britannia, HUL, Dabur, Nestle, etc. are attempting to increase the penetration in small towns and rural areas to generate even more revenue coming from rural India. They’ve also doubled their internet marketing costs to vow customers digitally.

It’s Time for You to grow your business in small towns and rural areas with the help of Digital Marketing

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business” – Bill Gates.  Applying digital advertising to your business, you can reach an enormous target audience in a way that is usually both cost-effective and considerable. The barrier to entry intended for digital entrepreneurs is shallow today.

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