Local SEO Tips for Small Business in India

local seo tips

Do you own a local small business, shop or anything? Do you need more customers? If yes, then you need to promote or advertise your business on the internet in a proper way through a website to attract more customers and get more leads. If you want to get noticed by search engine and attract more customers, then you have to understand local Search Engine Optimization. Local SEO is a part of Search Engine Optimization that deals explicitly with SEO for local business. If you are not doing local SEO for your business, then you’ll not be able to take advantage of domestic online demand for your product or service.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a part of the whole Search Engine Optimisation process and is more focused on targeting audience locally in the search engine depending upon their current location or for a given local keyword. For example, you are looking for an SEO company in your city, town, or a particular area (let’s take Sonipat city as an example), possibly you are going to search “SEO company in Sonipat” on Google, Bing, or Yahoo whichever search engine you prefer. Once you search for the above term, Google will show you results based on your location and relevancy. Here is an example of local SEO: –

local seo result snapshot google india


Important of SEO for local Small Business

Search Engine Optimization is equally essential for a small business, just like any other resources for the growth of your business. Local SEO has the potential of bringing in more local traffic or audience on your website or listings, which can ultimately benefit you. The more powerful your local SEO is, more customers will get attracted to your business. You must work on your Local SEO if you want to increase your customers.

Local SEO Tips for Small Businesses

As we mentioned earlier, local SEO has the potential of bringing in more local customers searching for any products or services locally, which is relevant to your business, and they are coming to your website. If done correctly, one can achieve great results within no time, here we sharing some essential tips which have helped us grow locally and will also benefit you if appropriately applied.

Register Your Website on Google my Business

Getting registered on Google my Business is the first and foremost step for any local business. The local people will reach out your offline store through Google map and visit your website, social media profiles with the help of Google My Business. It allows people to know the actual information about your business, like working days and hours, offline and online addresses, phone number etc. When you are registering on Google my business, you have to make sure you provide correct data (Name, address, category, opening hours, etc.).

Target Local Keywords

Especially for local business, targeting the right local keyword on your web pages is essential for any SEO strategy. Whenever a user searches for a specific term in the search engine, you need to appear on the top search result, and for that, you need to apply local keywords inside your website and local listings. For keyword research, you can use various tools like keyword everywhere and keywordstool.io. Find some most searched local terms in your industry then find its volume and keyword difficulty. Next, finalize local keywords which have the right amount of searches every month, and it needs to be relevant to your business or service.

Create Local Citations or Business Listings

Citations are the details of your business like Business Name, Address, Phone, Location etc. on third-party websites. An accurate citation or business listing sends a robust positive ranking signal to search engine about a particular business. Apart from Google, there are many third-party websites on the internet, which allows users to submit their business. Google bots often visit these types of sites to find a result for a particular industry. Research your potential competitors listing to get more citation, which is highly recommended. If someone sees your listing, they should not appear that the information present on site is only for Google ranking. So, keep in mind that your citation should look natural.

Local Citation Websites or Business Listing Websites: –

  1. JustDial
  2. Sulekha
  3. Ask Laila
  4. Grotal
  5. Trade India
  6. IndiaMart
  7. ExportersIndia
  8. UrbanPro
  9. Crunchbase
  10. findbazaar.in

Website Speed should be better

For SEO of your website, loading speed is an essential factor in giving a better experience to your customers. If your site takes more time in loading, then the customer can quit your website and get into your competitors whose website loads faster than you. A usual time to load a website should not exceed three seconds. To reduce the load time of your website, you could optimize the code and reduce resources present on your sites like images, videos, additional resources, and web pages.

Inspect Competitor’s Efforts

Local SEO competition will always be fierce since Google only shows a 3-map pack when a user searches for any local services. You have to come up with new strategies and in-depth market research for offering something new to your customers if you want to survive. You have to do the most vigorous and thorough research on your competitor’s strategies if you’re going to increase your SEO for your website.

Find out your Competitors who are currently in your niche and compare the content of their website with your site. Then research their marketing strategies and try to it apply it on your own business to see which of the plan is working for you. Also, look at their social media profile and watch how often they post and how much time spends on these platforms. After researching them, see in which areas they are lacking and focus on those areas to make the most of it.

Use Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to get more local traffic on the site of your business. With the passing of days, the impact of social media is getting heavier. You can achieve the result you want with proper Social Media Marketing. There are a lot of social media platforms with billions of users on the internet. But you have to choose the right platform and right target audience for your local business posts. Focus and spend more time on your social media profiles and post regularly to engage with your audiences to build an excellent reputation among them.


Honestly, local SEO is one of our favourite marketing components when it comes to generate local leads or gain new local customers. Follow the guide above and check the areas where you can improve your Local SEO. If you want we can be a helping hand for you as we provide Local SEO service to different types of businesses such as Restaurants, Doctors, Dentists, Hotels, Real-Estate, Construction, and many more. Also, if you want to learn Search Engine Optimisation in Sonipat, then you can contact us.

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