SEO Training Institute in Sonipat

Search Engine Optimisation also known as SEO is a process of increasing position of a website in the search engines and generating free traffic to it, from organic search results by following search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, etc.) guidelines.

There are two types of SEO techniques white hat and black hat. White hat SEO is a technique which follows all the guidelines provided by search engines, and it helps a website in the long term, it also plays an essential role in building an excellent brand reputation and good website rankings. Whereas black hat SEO is the exact opposite, indulging in this technique can penalize your website and can tarnish your brand’s reputation.

There are over 2 billion people online at the moment while I’m writing this article. Most of the online activities are done on a search engine for example: – When you need to find a restaurant then most probably you’ll open Google and search for it on your phone, or you need to know the weather of your city, the same way you turn to Google to find an answer. Just like these, there are over 35,000 searches every second takes place from people across the globe, and more than 3 billion searches every day. The point of writing down these facts here is to make you aware of the importance of search engines and the vital role it plays in our daily life.

The number of internet users in India has increased exponentially with the launch of 4G; it is to be believed that the number of internet users in India has already crossed 813 million, which is enormous. You must be wondering what all these data and facts have to do or in any way related to Search Engine Optimisation? First of all, this will help businesses to target their audience online and secondly it has open the opportunity for many small businesses of selling products and services online for people who are looking for it, and they’ll possibly end up searching the product on Google or any other search engines.

Why Choose SEO as a Career?

In 2019, SEO has become one of the most in-demand & high paying skills in India. The demand for SEO experts is increasing day-by-day as most of the businesses and companies in India are focusing on improving their online presence with the help of online marketing rather than using the same old traditional marketing.

The future of Search Engine Optimisation Career in India looks bright as it is one of those skills which help companies reach targeted customers with maximum accuracy and less spending. SEO is one of those skills where you’ll never get bored because there’s so much to learn from On-Page & Off-Page SEO to Local and Technical SEO.

Reasons to choose SEO as your Career?

  1. Plenty of Job Opportunities.
  2. Easy to learn Skill.
  3. No Technical Knowledge Required.
  4. No Qualification Required.
  5. Work From Anywhere.
  6. Freelancing Opportunities.
  7. Make Money Online from Home.
  8. Ever Changing Industry and Growing Continuously.
  9. Earn Handsome Income.
  10. One of those professions which is recognised WorldWide.

Being in the industry for more than ten years, I can assure or instead guarantee you that choosing SEO as a career will be one of your best decisions in life. The opportunity this field has can never be underestimated. Now that you’ve got all the ideas, data and facts let us take a look of our SEO training course in Sonepat and what you’ll learn.

About Our SEO Course in Sonepat

Apna Sonipat offers classroom SEO training in Sonepat. Attend our classes to learn and master all the white hat SEO techniques from basic to advanced level, needed to rank a website higher and generate free traffic to any site from Google and other search engines. The trainers at our SEO training institute in Sonipat have more than ten years of experience in Search Engine Optimisation and has worked with several clients and hundreds of projects from all over the world.

At Apna Sonipat, our goal is to train individuals with all the latest and ethical SEO techniques which can help them in making a good career as a professional & white-hat SEO expert which are in high demand in this field.

We offer training on Live projects and also on our in-house projects to make you understand how things work in SEO so you can get exposure & SEO strategies implementation on live projects and proudly add it to your CV. Apart from SEO training in Sonipat, we will also help you in job assistance, preparing for an interview, and freelancing.

SEO Training in Sonipat Syllabus – SEO Course Overview

In our Live Classroom SEO training in Sonipat, we are going to cover every topic there is in SEO. Our aim is to provide all the information there is about SEO and make you an expert on the topic. Basically, this SEO Course is designed for everybody. Everyone can join this course doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or you’ve little knowledge about the field but don’t know how to apply it in real-time.

Note: Below is the SEO course overview which we are going to cover in detail. As stated, this is just an overview of the course syllabus, if you want to know more about the SEO certification course in Sonepat then contact us.

Module 1- Introduction to Search Engines

  1. What is SEO and its types?
  2. What are Search Engines and How it works?
  3. Search Engine Crawlers, Spiders, and Bots.
  4. What is SERP, crawling, and indexing?
  5. About On-Page and Off-Page SEO.
  6. Practical Assessments & a Questions and Answers Session.

Module 2- Everything to Know about Websites

  1. What is a Domain?
  2. What is Hosting?
  3. What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?
  4. About Content Management Systems (CMS).
  5. Practical Assessments & a Questions and Answers Session.

Module 3- WordPress Installation and optimisation

  1. What is WordPress and How to install it?
  2. WordPress Advanced Website Settings? Choosing the correct settings.
  3. How to Add Pages & Install Plugins?
  4. How to add Content and Publish it?
  5. How to add images?
  6. Practical Assessments & a Questions and Answers Session.

Module 4- Advanced Keyword Research Formula

  1. What are Keywords and Keywords Types?
  2. What is Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)?
  3. Keywords Volume, Trend, and Competition Research.
  4. Ecommerce Keyword Research.
  5. Practical Assessments & a Questions and Answers Session.

Module 5- Complete On-Page SEO Training

  1. SEO and User- Friendly Website Structure.
  2. What are Silos?
  3. Website Titles, H1, H2, and H3 optimisation.
  4. Adding Meta Tags or Meta Descriptions.
  5. Internal and Outbound Link Optimisation.
  6. Image SEO optimisation.
  7. Boosting Website speed via plugins.
  8. Practical Assessments & a Questions and Answers Session.

Module 6- Advance OFF-Page Search Engine Optimisation Techniques

  1. What is a Backlinks? Backlink Types & Benefits of Backlinks in SEO?
  2. What is Anchor Text & Types of Anchor Text?
  3. How to use Search Operators to find relevant blogs and websites?
  4. Backlinks from High-Quality Social Bookmarking Sites.
  5. Backlinks from .EDU, .GOV, and .ORG sites and its benefits.
  6. Link Outreach and Guest Posting.
  7. How to create Pdfs and PowerPoint Presentation Links?
  8. Profile Backlinks.
  9. Video Backlinks from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.
  10. Web 2.0 Links.
  11. Build Links from Question and Answer websites to Boost SEO + Brand Visibility.
  12. Google Alerts.

Module 7- Local SEO

  1. Google My Business.
  2. Bing Places.
  3. NAP Citations.
  4. Local SEO Markup.
  5. Local Directories Submissions.

Module 7- Advance and Technical SEO

  1. Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tool Integration.
  2. Install Google Analytics.
  3. Robots and Sitemaps.
  4. URL Redirection 301, 302, Soft 404, and 404’s.
  5. Canonical URL
  6. OG Tags
  7. Schema Markup

These are just the highlights of the course, and we promise that you’ll learn many more things about SEO which are not mentioned here due to security and content protection reason. Feel free to call us at any point of time if you have any queries or any doubts.

Who Should Attend Our SEO Course in Sonipat?

  1. Students who want to start a career in SEO & Digital Marketing.
  2. For individuals who want to make money online.
  3. House-wives who wants to earn money from home.
  4. Traditional Marketing Professionals to gain exposure of the Digital Marketing world.
  5. Content Writers for Professional SEO Copywriting.
  6. Mobile, App, Website Designers & Developers.
  7. Social Media Marketing Experts.
  8. PPC Experts.
  9. YouTubers for improving their channel’s video ranking on Google and generating free traffic.
  10. Local Business Owners and Startups Founder.

Why Choose Us?

  1. More than 10 years of Experience.
  2. Experienced & Skilled Trainers.
  3. Full-Support during and after course completion.
  4. Live Questions & Answers Session.
  5. Real Time project handling.
  6. Mini Batches.
  7. Certification.
  8. 100% Job Assistance.
  9. Freelancing Guidance.
  10. Alternate Classes.
  11. Affordable Course Fee with an option of Installments.